How to Transfer Your Facebook Photos and Video to Google Photos

How to Transfer Your Facebook Photos and Video to Google Photos



Facebook Photos:

Facebook photos and video transfer tool is a result product of a joint venture between Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft to protect the data of users. This tool was launched in April 2020 by Facebook. Anyone can now transfer Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos with only a few clicks.


1. Facebook Settings:


You can find Facebook phots and video transfer tools in the Facebook app. Launch the app and tap on the Hamburger icon in the top right corner, click on settings on the bottom of the page.


2. Transfer Photos or Videos:


In the center of the page, tap on “Your Facebook Information.” At the bottom of this, tap on “Transfer a Copy of your Photos or Videos.”


3. Facebook Password:


Facebook wants to validate your authenticity, that’s why Facebook will ask to enter your password. When you will enter your Facebook password, account validation will complete.


4. Transfer Destination:


In the next step, you have to choose the destination for images and videos. At this time, Google Photos is the only service that is working with Facebook.

You will also need to choose first between photos and videos while transferring. Because photos and videos cannot be transferred at the same time. You have to select other items after completion of the first transfer.

When you have made your choice among photos and videos, click Next to proceed further.


5. Confirm Transfer:


Tap on confirm the transfer to begin the transfer process. This transfer to Google Photos process can take some time according to the size of albums or videos.

You will now see new albums in Google Photos starting with Copy of…… This will directly correspond to the name of albums on Facebook.

Now all photos are saved in Google Photos. Thanks to Facebook, Facebook photos, and the video transfer tool is an easy way to transfer photos and videos to Google Photos.

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