Top 5 Games Which Should Have Movie 2020

Top 5 Games Which Should Have Movie 2020



Future Games:

Today, We are here with an exciting list of top 5 games cartoons franchise which should make. It to the big screens in the near distant future games and cartoons has been a source of inspiration for the world of cinema gentlemen.

It pirates of the Caribbean you will always remember this as the day that you almost caused Captain Jack teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MC Mikey. Let’s get down to the countdown Devil May Cry. The series is very loosely based on the Italian poem Divine Comedy by the use of illusions including.

Protagonist Dante:

The game’s protagonist Dante sorry, not open for business yet the game has been a success. with all main entries selling multiple million copies and being awarded the Platinum. Title award by Capcom the gameplay of the series focuses primarily.

On fast-paced highly stylized combat the game also features some puzzle-solving and exploration elements with a swashbuckling swag and dance moves. This is one character that gives Deadpool a run for his money.

Video Game Franchise:

I forgot my ammo bag. I’m touching myself tonight God of War your son has m√ľnster. So the war is a mythology-based action-adventure video game franchise created by Sony. The gates of Hades have never been held.

The story is about burritos and Spartan warrior tricked into the killing. His wife and daughter by the Greek god of war Ares. The franchise has sold over 32 million games worldwide. The film adaptation of the game was announced in 2020 by Universal.


Studios with the right slot and cast God of War could be on. It’s way to be the best Greek mythology movie ever to be made watch out 300 hoops not. This one the other 300 a question for another day let us go home. Dragon Ball Super Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama Japan is one.

Most popular manga all over the globe Goku is the main protagonist with a strong storyline powerful. Action sequence and a roster of villains we can expect. This Japanese manga sensation to pack a punch with the diehard fans waiting.

Mishima Zaibatsu:

A motion picture on the DBS universe Tekin the game follows. The events of the king of Iron Fist tournament hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu. The conflict between the Mishima family serves as the main focus of the series plot motivations in aiming to control.

That Iverson Tekken is noted as being one of the first fighting games at the time to use 3d animation Japanese video game developer Namco began. The series and has been universally acclaimed and commercially successful with 47 million units made. It one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time and the second best-selling fighting.

Destroying Diverse:

The game franchise in history Tekken 7 storyline has caused me wanting to end. The devil team by killing off bu Qi and Kazuya once and for all destroying diverse. Oh, and bringing peace to the world from the ruthless tyrant can be a great script. For the movie to go on film. Who knows acting a special appearance in ago.

So he creates a setup for the Street Fighter and Tekken crossover shortly Prince of Persia. The game was critically acclaimed of its time and was ported to a wide range of platforms after. The original Apple to release. It is believed to have been. The first cinematic platformer and inspired many following games in this sub-genre however.


The most hit amongst the series was Prince of Persia sands of time. The sands of time had reached 2 million copies and Ubisoft highlighted. The game’s success at e3 2003. The sands of time were named his game of the year. The game was named as editor’s choice by GameSpot and IGN later on a movie based on.

It was released in 2010 by Walt Disney Pictures which did not. Do well at the box office due to loose plots and storyline Prince of Persia was supposed to be the next big thing. After Pirates of the Caribbean for Walt Disney Pictures overall. This game with multiple storylines.


The time rewinding dagger or a split personality known as the Dark Prince has the potential to pull off a sequence franchise fans hope Walt Disney goes ahead with, The reboot of the franchise and gets.

It right this time way to get out of here so what do you think of our list is there any other game or a cartoon franchise which should be mentioned for more exciting videos.

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